Monday, 25 January 2010

Exhibition Continues...

Dai doesn't do things by halves, and after an excellent lunch at the revamped Viet Hoa on Kingsland Road, I was happy to piggy-back the sturdy Welshman to the Shoreditch High Street shop PRESENT. Started by two former founders of Duffer of St George, it stocks a colourful array of menswear, including Eley Kishimoto - and now Sideburn magazine. The second Red Max'd SR500 is parked in the window. Neil casually offered me a coffee while I was browsing and I congratulated him on the fancy foam motif; not realizing it had been made by the current Swedish national champion barista Mattias Björkland. Together with Gwilym Davies the current world champion barista, they have set up a titanic coffee machine on the shop counter. My already pleasant weekend received extra spring in it's heel. BP

Steve Red Max is a better photographer than me so I robbed this off his Flickr album


Mick P said...

£1.50 for an espresso? £2.40 for a cappuccino? Bloody nora. Does one get a blow job into the bargain? Or at least a biscuit?

Giannis said...

nice shop