Wednesday, 18 May 2011

0.5 facts about Seb's XS

In Sideburn 7 we have Dimitri Coste's great shots of Seb Lorentz's beautiful XS650. The story is 6.5 Facts about Seb's bike. Why 6.5? Because it's a 650. And we like doing things differently. If we followed all the rules we'd look just like a normal newsstand bike magazine. We have nothing against them, but we aren't one. So, sometimes Ben makes strange design decisions and sometimes we cut a story mid-sentence. So, here's the missing 0.5 of a fact. To get the first 6.5, buy Sideburn 7.

...master cylinder (maybe foot controlled). I would love also to find a spool hub when I do not use the front brake for a cleaner look.
Another DT360 tank is in preparation with a special paint but also a new seat so I will be able to swap them quickly and to change the complete look of the bike very quickly.
Why not having also a 2 into 2 low exit RHS mufflers ?
Dream for the XS would be a 750 or 1000 side car cross tuned engine or a 270° Heiden Tuning modified engine to put it on wheelie easily and burn the Firestone rear rubber faster!

Check out Seb's blog - Ze Last Chance Garage. It's formidable! G


Father Ted said...

very cool bike and story in SB7. But now getting very jealous of his supply of DT360 tanks.. C'est la vie

Bubble Visor said...

haha.. :)
nice to read the rest of the story

db said...

And there was me thinking that it was a typo.