Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Joe liked speedway

From the photographer Grant Robinson - that's his lad wearing the Sideburn 9 Lives.

'Then last week my boy Jonah comes in from school and says "I got this book to read like yours in the toilet!"
He proceeded to pull this gem from his bag...why didn't they have this in my school?!
And he says it's not fair you don't do kids sizes in your T's.
I am now a hero in the playground at picking up time, thanks to you and Stevie Gee.' Grant


Drakey72 said...

Is it me or is joe's dad turning right?

BlackCountryBiker said...

... you're right Drakey72, Joe's Dad ahs just invented anti-clockwise speedway. Go Fast Turn Right??? just don't sound the same does it?

mp said...

Must not illustrate a child riding a bmx without full safety equipment, including full face helmet. well researched speedway bike I think.

luSca said...

very very funny!

Greg Landers said...

When I was in New Zealand with my Ol Lady getting some waves we made friends with some locals and they told us about an underground dirt track late model V8 car racing club that made "right turns"!! Crazy Kiwis!!