Tuesday, 16 October 2012

1952 K Model

Hey, I'm Noot from Iowa. 
 Here's some shots of my '52K with model (my friend Jackie - she's 24 by the way). 
1952 K Model Harley Davidson Bike has KH Cams, dry clutch, 36mm Mikuni, smooth ports and polished heads and valves. 
I run a 18T front sprocket for quickness and a 21 for top speed... 
Respectfully, Rick Nootnagel

Check out Noot's blog http://www.rickynoot.blogspot.co.uk/


WhitelinePsycho said...

Way to go Noot . . . check out his blog guys, superb skills and he's a dirt track encyclopedic fiend.

Anonymous said...

What bike? Sorry, couldn't resist! Nice Harley!

McQmoto said...

Ks are fabulous - who could forget that wonderful flat, fat and fruity exhaust note