Monday, 8 October 2012

Tuscon Half-Mile Report

Steve (or is it Stevie now?) Bonsey doesn't compete every race of the championship, so to turn up at the tail end of a hard season and win is classy. He won his first National at Calistoga in 2010. Bonsey did a season or two of 125 GP, on a KTM, where he was mentored and kept an eye on by Kenny Roberts Sr. Before he got his national number, Bonsey ran the same 80Y regional plate the young KR ran.
Retaining the number 1 plate is, I think, mathematically still possible for Jake Johnson, but unlikely. Sammy clawed back a few points on Jared Mees. It's going down to the last round at Pomona next weekend. Get there, if you can. It'll be memorable.
Brad 'Bullet' Baker, fifth in the main and looking very stylish.
Pro Singles rider Jason Issenock styling.
Wearing sail-like leathers didn't stop Duke Erickson making the main.
Kevin Anderson made the main too.
Shayna is becoming a half-mile specialist, after winning a pair of Knoxvilles.
When it comes to motorcycle plus rider power-to-weight ratios, Texter has them beat. Look at the size of second and third placed Rodney Spencer Jr and Wyatt Maguire in comparision.
Matt Weidman in Evel leathers, complete with peace sign medallion and collars, on the Scott Powersports Kawasaki we featured in Sideburn 9.
The long trip from Florida to Arizona was worth it for the Bonneville Performance team. Their rider, Mikey Martin, made another main on the only Triumph out there and came 13th.
Dash for Cash for the six quickest heat qualifiers. Weidman, Mees, Baker, Johnson, Halbert, Bonsey.
Bonsey won the Dash for Cash too.
Robert Pearson (27), Mikey Martin (91), Henry Wiles (17), Doug Lawrence (73)
Bonsey won by 1.2s from Smith. Sammy was three-hundreths back from Smith. Series leader, Jared Mees, was fourth.

Remember to get to Pomona this weekend if you can.

All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.

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From the vids I've seen some exciting racing and one really gnarly rough track...