Monday, 1 October 2012

Sammy rules Santa Rosa

First time they've raced GNC at Santa Rosa in Sammy Halbert's lifetime and the young 'un won what sounded like a thriller. Despite wearing Kawasaki coloured leathers, he's on an XR750. The South Ass, one of his sponsors, is a clothing brand built around the 'joke' of their name - it's a take on The North Face.
Great shot of Jake Johnson. Kept in the hunt for the number 1 plate with a fourth, though his two closest rivals, Halbert and Mees, both finished ahead of him.
Bryan Smith had a 4.9 second lead in the Main, before both Sammy and Jared Mees overhauled him.
Dash for Cash. It was won by Sammy, but notable because Mikey Avila (33E) made this four-lapper for the six fastest qualifiers. So did 44, Brandon Robinson, Wiles on the Ducati, Smith and Weidman.
Wiles (17), Coolbeth (2), Brad Baker (12), Bauman (10z), Martin (91). The first four filled the spots from 6 to 10 in the Main. Martin, on the Triumph, was 15th.
Pro Singles was won by Stephen Vanderkuur, 10J. He leads the title race. Lovely foot up style.
Mikey Martin and Steve Bonsey (80).
Kayl Kolkman mid-corner, getting it turned.
Weidman and Wiles.
Pick a line.
 The top three, still shuffling out.
All smiles. Mees still leads the Twins and Combined (having won the singles championship already), but Sammy closed up on him. Mees has been ultra-consistent. He has one win to Sammy's four this year. Smith is fourth behind Johnson.
Sammy posted a photo of himself drinking a pitcher of beer on his instagram (@sammyhalbert) at some ungodly hour this morning. Does Jorge Lorenzo do that?

Next round is the half-mile at Tuscon, AZ, this weekend.

Photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.


Hairy Larry said...

Go Sammy! Great shots.

Hairy Larry said...

Great shot of Mert and Sammy at Sammy's Facebook racing page. Makes Mert look tall...