Friday, 12 October 2012

Candy Dirt Quake

From Brett in Cape Town

I love my t-shirt and so I thought I'd do some shameless self promotion of both Sideburn and my own art! 
All the best, 
Brett Williams 
Afrique du Sud


Guy@GK said...

Nice. A bit Jenny Saville. (Not the tee.)

Anonymous said...

wow what a compliment, the tee is very nice too

check out my art on the link under the post

Anonymous said...

Reminds me a of a bumper sticker: "No Fat Chicks." Sorry, couldn't resist! So, can you paint motorcycles?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Guy, I thought you'd written Jimmy Saville! He liked them younger, it seems. G

Mick P said...

Savile, please. Give the bloke some respect.

Mick P said...

In fact, that's Mr KD Fiddler-Savile to be precise.