Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sideburn Sam

Poppa Wheelie spotted the mighty Sammy Halbert wearing our Racer Ringer shirt at Pomona last weekend. We have a few of this design left. Get your own at the Sideburn shop. Sorry, Medium and Large is sold out. We have a S, XL and XXL. The T-shirt has a back print, too.
Small is good for your youths and ladies, I reckon. G


Austin said...

hope ya don't mind me saying but the sizing of these is on the small side so an XL would prob fit someone that usually wears a L? I learnt this through bitter experience cos I'm a skinny runt and my Small doesn't fit so has been stolen by my wife. Gutted as it's one of my favourite shirts :(

Sideburn Magazine said...

It's a good point Austin, that's why this note has been on the item in our store since the day it went on sale

'PLEASE check the sizes as these might be slighter smaller than our normal Sideburn shirts.'

There's a diagram on the sale item too, to help with dimensions. G

Nick said...

Wearing mine today

Austin said...

Unfortunately my mum bought mine for me for xmas last year so I had no choice in it, I will berate her for not reading the site properly haha!

I only mentioned it as thought it might help sell the larger sizes?

Sideburn Magazine said...

I did say it was a good point and we were aware of it, but there's not a lot we can do when different suppliers use different sizing. Fruit of the Loom is smaller than Gildan.
Sorry Austin. You could've returned it, but Medium is sold out now. G

Austin said...

G - not complaining mate, we've had the same thing with band shirts so I know how it goes. Besides Cheryl is made up with her free shirt, I'll just buy the new design off ya when it's out :)