Sunday, 14 October 2012

Coolbeth and Vanderkuur win at Pomona

After missing a chunk of the season with a broken leg, Coolbeth squeezed out another win before the end of the season. 
Brad Baker (12) and Brandon Robinson (44). Brandon came in 9th on the Werner Springsteen Kawasaki. He'll be a threat next year, if he sticks with the team.
 Pomona race winner and Pro Singles 2012 champ, Stephen Vanderkuur.
The four men to watch all year have been Smith, Mees, Halbert and Johnson.
 Dave Zanotti and a quartet of killer XRs. Read about every last detail of Zanotti's championship-winning bikes in Sideburn 11.
Sammy was confident going into the final round, but it didn't work out, despite being fast enough to come second to Baker in the Dash for Cash.
Sammy couldn't capitalise on Jared Mees' uncharacteristic 8th place. Sammy came in 13th, behind his brother, Jethro (#69) who was 10th. Brad Baker (#12) got a great second and won the Dash for Cash.
Jethro has hardly raced in the GNC this year, but still made the Dash for Cash. He's some talent, too.
The Wood Rotax twin (Rotax-built BMW-badged motor) made a rare GNC outing with Scott Baker on board and made the Main.
Pro Singles first corner body language master class.
Bryan Smith's third place secured him the twins championship for Kawasaki! Mees had already sewn up the singles title and was confirmed the combined GNC champ. Good work.

All photos: AMA Pro Racing


Justin Calkins said...

There was a BSA A70 that pre-registered two weeks prior to the event. Come race day, AMA disallow his entry.

Hairy Larry said...

Congrats to all the winners, and all the rest as well. I was lucky enough to catch the races in Sacramento. Next year I'm going to try and catch as much of the West coast action as I can. Pretty exciting racing to watch.