Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Best of Britannia

A new exhibition previews this weekend and Sideburn and Co-Built are going to have a trio of bikes on show.
It's not a bike show, but has been curated to promote the best of British design, manufacturing and culture.
It's taking place this weekend, October 5-7th in Clerkenwell, London.
There are stands, DJs and talks. If you're thinking of launching a company in Britain, or growing one, trying to work for one or just supporting, this sounds like the place to be.

More details at Best of Britannia. G

UPDATE: Just noticed this is post 3500 on the Sideburn blog. Thanks for visiting.


Nick said...

Nice one

WhitelinePsycho said...

Congrats on the inclusion for BOB and the posting milestone, great job guys.

Mark Wilson said...

I was hoping to get to this show today but can't now unfortunately.

Should be a good event, it's a great venue for this kind of thing. Hope it goes well for you and Co-Built.