Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dave Skooter Farm, Southport 1980

I was up in Wigan a while ago, visiting one of the best friends a fella could wish for, Dave Skooter Farm. We met at Static Records and I mentioned to Dave that I needed some new tyres for my boy's BMX, so we walked to the nearby, World famous Alan's BMX - possibly the oldest continually operating BMX shop in the world. As we walked up the stairs, Dave stopped by a mural and said, That's me.
The painting (below) was taken from a photo (above) taken in 1980-81 at Southport Skate Park.

Dave was one of the first 'team' riders in the whole of British BMX and, as a youth, his team even took him to California to race. California is still exotic to Brits now, but it was another world when Dave was a youth. All the vast majority of Brits knew about it was Hollywood and CHiPs.
Dave, above and below (in yellow), again at Southport in the very early-80s. Photos: Stefan Faulkner
33 years after Southport Dave is still up for hanging it out.
He's one of the Sideburn delegation coming out to Springfield and Dirt Quake USA.

He also came up with the concept of Sideburn 15 Cover 1 and rode the Honda Dax in the pool he himself designed and built in his own backyard. That's him, again in yellow, still in Vans.

The Dax belongs to his good mate, and fellow Brit BMX original - John 'Captain Highside' Lee, who also took these behind the scenes photos. Our very own Ben Part took the cover shot.

Anyway, it's Dave's birthday this weekend. Happy Birthday Dave. G
Get Sideburn 15 here. G


WhitelinePsycho said...

Totally bloody cool. Happy birthday Mr Skooter Farm.

Mick P said...

Happy birthday Dave, you're truly an inspiration. He even came came up with the very name 'Dirt Quake'.

Spud's Customs said...

Wow, I remember going to Southport in the late eighties when it was just the slide park. And then again in the late nineties when it was shut and I had to jump the fence to get in to skate the rough concrete. Great shots.

Captain Highside said...

Dave does the best curb endo in the business. His imagination is endless too. Who else could come up with the SATANIC SAUSAGE MACHINE or even a two foot high turd to go with his fancy dress "fly" outfit. A walking inspiration. Happy birthday DA!

Dr-Ogo said...


747 said...

Happy birthday to a mighty fine fellow! look forward to raging some gnar together at Dirt Quake usa!