Saturday, 31 May 2014

Springfield Mile Report

I like to try get the official AMA Pro Racing photos up earlier than this, but we've been on a road trip around the USA since Springfield and this is the first chance.
Sideburn was out at the track for the first twins race of the season and we were reminded what a great show the AMA organisation and racers put on.
Bryan Smith looked unbeatable all day and ended up winning the Dash and Main on his Crosley Kawasaki, that had a new chassis for this season.
Kenny Coolbeth came in second, racing the XR750 of the Zanotti team for the first time in a GNC round.
Mikey Martin made the main on the Bonneville Performance Triumph, but didn't make it to the end of the race that had numerous restarts.
The Pro Twins, support class for up and comers - formerly called Basic Twins, were out in force. Early in the day it looked like a lot of the riders on Kawasaki framers were having trouble with stability. JR Addison was spat of his at the end of the straight in practice in a terrible looking crash.
17F, Jarod Vanderkooi had no such problems, winning his class by 6.5 secs over a 12-mile race.
Steve Morehead came out to ride in a 'parade' race for the upcoming reboot of the On Any Sunday franchise that is being filmed by Bruce Brown's son, Dana.
Jake Johnson, #5, looked a threat early in the race, but faded as the restarts seemed to take their toll on his Lloyd Brothers Ramspur Ducati.
Shayna Texter was hotly tipped, having won mile races on her 450, but her Latus Triumph had an evil weave on the straights and she parked it before the end of her semi, so didn't make the Pro Twins 18-rider main.
Dash for Cash, for the six best qualifiers, Smith #42, won from Coolbeth and Johnson, with Mees, Robinson and Wiles coming in behind in the bonus -paying four-lapper.
 Can you spot us?
Pretty much sums up the race, but it was exciting, especially as Bonsey crashed twice, once after seeming to get gently nerfed by Brad Baker.

Next race is Knoxville Half-Mile in Iowa on June 15. Get there if you can. G

All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing

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