Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Vicious Cycles to Play Dirt Quake USA

After months of protracted negotiations, we have secured the services of The Vicious Cycles to appear at Dirt Quake USA on the Saturday night.

To find out more about Dirt Quake USA - that is happening 31 May - 1 June, Castle Rock, WA - click Dirt Quake USA.

We also have a handful on their new 13-track LP on vinyl (with free download code enclosed). £13 plus post BUT these are for UK order only. We are not sending outside the UK.
Go to the Sideburn webshop to secure yours.

Everything else we are happy to send all over the world.
Other countries should order directly from The Vicious Cycles bandcamp.

The Vicious Cycles also supplied the music for the DQ USA promo. G


Nick said...

How very subdued

Guy@GK said...

That lil' promo is ace.