Wednesday, 21 May 2014

RSD KTM Tracker

This bike is featured in glorious 2D, printed by Welsh craftsman, in the latest Sideburn.
Now, we know you can see it here for free, but you can't get the insight, from KTM designer and the über-blogger, Piers S-P of, that accompanies the visuals.

If you've never bought a copy Sideburn - happy instead to browse the blog, you don't know how much effort goes into the angles and executions of the stories. Some are written by the owners. Some are written by designers. Others by top journalists, leading racers, engineers, experts, team magaers or even cult film directors.

I feel we need to remind those who consume purely digital info that Instagram and facebook serves up a Tic-Tac of infotainment, blogs deliver between a Jaffa Cake and, in some rare cases, a good bacon sandwich's worth. Sideburn cooks up a Michelin-starred feast with enough left over, after the first sitting, to require a Bull Mastiff-sized doggy bag for your next sitting.

It's that good. Get a copy, for just £5 plus post, at the Sideburn online shop. G


Nick said...

That is one neat bike

747 said...

Well said G