Thursday, 15 May 2014

Under The Skin - Johansson & McWilliams

Under The Skin stars Scarlett Johansson as a seductive alien who preys on and kills Scotsmen. It's directed by British filmmaker Jonathan Glazer - who made the brilliant Sexy Beast.

Scarlett's character has a superbike-riding accomplice played by former GP star Jeremy McWilliams. In an exclusive interview with me, for one of my regular day job clients, Performance Bikes, McWill told me this...

‘There’s some running, stabbing, some killing, bit of everything. There are some really weird scenes in it. It’s not a talking part, I’m just murdering people and clearing up after [Johansson].'

In one scene, McWilliams is riding at 150mph down a Glasgow motorway, in another he is fighting a naked actor who has a real, almost Elephant Man-like disfigurement. Sex and the City it is not.

Jeremy McWilliams (#99), now 50 years old, will be trying to win one of the NorthWest 200 Supertwin races tonight and another on Saturday, on the Ryan Farquhar-prepared KMR Kawasaki 650. G

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Chris said...

enjoyed the PB article Gary, definitely a full career!