Friday, 2 May 2014

DTRA Round One - Leicester

Everything is happening at once (new mag, DQIII, DQUSA, VAT return...) so apologies for the late update on this one.

First race of the year - new sponsors, 100% Goggles and Deus Ex Machina (back for the second year) and House Industries have come up with a new font for our number boards (below). Thanks to all them and the existing sponsors who stuck with the DTRA - FTWCo, Ruby, Maxxis, Edwin, Co-Built.

Loads of new riders, more entries than ever before, weather held off, I won a heat (but crashed later in the meeting). Lots of people in Sideburn gear - thanks for the support.

Few surprises in finals. Adi Collins won the Pro, but was pushed by Tim Neave (now racing a KTM) and Ollie Brindley was on the podium in his first ever pro adult race.

Tim Neave won the Thunderbikes on the Roeder Honda CR500 two-stroke (featured in Sideburn 16), from Dave Chadbourne and Anthony 'Co-Built' Brown.

Ross Herrod won the Restricted, while Frank Chatokhine won the first ever Vintage final. He and Metisse Triumph bike are featured in Sideburn 17.

The next round is Coventry on Sunday 18 May. If you want to get involved as a racer or volunteer, get in touch with the DTRA.

Spectators get in free. If anyone want to organise a ride out to the race, we'll promote it on the blog.

More photos coming over the weekend. G

Action photos: Tom Whiting/DTRA


Hairy Larry said...

Some good looking elbow action...nice shots.

Dr-Ogo said...

good times were had...