Thursday, 29 May 2014

Dirt Quake USA: FAQs

Dirt Quake FAQ..

Q: Where is Castle Rock race track
A: Located at Castle Rock Fairgrounds. Exit 49 off I-5
Address: 120 Fair Lane , Castle Rock. Washington

Q: When is Dirt Quake?
A: Swap meet and campout start Saturday May 31 at 12:00 noon. Regular races are saturday night starting at 7:00pm, Dirt Quake Exhibition starts 12:00 noon Sunday June 1st.

Q: How Much is it?
A: 10$ to watch.

Q: How much to camp?
A: $10 per car, vehicle.

Q: How do you sign up? and How much? $50, includes goodie bag.
A: Pre registration can be done

Q: Are kids and animals welcome?
A: yes, kids are more than welcome. Kid Friendly Event. Animals on leash only. Loose animals are dangerous with racing and bikes.

Q: will there be food?
A: Snack shack will be open saturday night. Sunday there is a general store ½ mile away. They serve sandwiches and burgers.

Q: Can we bring food, beverages in?
A: You can bring food and drinks to the camp lot. No outside food inside track gates. (sorry) BBQs are fine.

Q: can we bring beer in?
A: beer is allowed in camp lot, no outside beer inside track area.

Q: Can I bring a camper van, trailer tent?
A: Yes big grass lot allows space for vehicles of any size.

Q: Can i make a campfire?
A: Yes, but needs to be inside a metal case.

Q: Where can i watch the event?
A: Grandstands are open seating.

Q: Can I go in the pits?
A: Yes, I believe so. Be respectful of racers and their gear.
Q: When does the event start?
A: Sunday at 12:00 noon practice starts.

Q: Can i go in and out of gated area?
A: Yes with proper payment you are granted in and out access. Please keep on bracelet.

Q: Swap meet?
A: Saturday from 12. noon-5pm

Q: How much is the swap?
A: $10 which covers spectating for the races to follow. (all people going in and out of track area must pay the $10.

 Rider/ Racer FAQ
Q: How much is it to race?
A: $50 dollars pre- registration. Every entry comes with a goodie bag of stuff.

Q: What classes can bikes sign up for?
A: Dirt tracker, Inappropriate road bike, chopper, women, Kitchen sink (for everything else), 250 and 450.

Q: How do I know what class to sign up for?
A: Email a picture of your bike to . We will help you figure it out.

Q: Do you need a licence?
A: Nope, come race!

Q: When do I check in?
A: Sunday morning at the sign up station from 9-11am

Q: What do I need to race?
A: Helmet, gloves, Pants, long sleeve, gear and bike Safety check, (bring bike to sign up)

Q: Is there a safety inspection?
A: yes, Located next to the sign up station. All bikes must be safety inspected.

Q: What time is the Safety meeting?
A: Right before practice starts, all riders must attend.

Q: When is practice?
A: see schedule

Q: How do I practice?
A: you will get two practice tickets allowing you on the track for 5 laps each try. Practice order will be posted on schedule. (please go easy on practice there will be many skill levels on the track and we don't want any injuries.

Q: How will the races go:
A: One heat race to determine your grid position.

Q: How many trophies are there? and when is the ceremony?
A: Each class gets 1st, 2nd,  3rd. We are shooting for 6:30, listen for announcements.

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