Friday, 9 May 2014

DTRA by Daniel Beres

There's something about the DTRA that attracts photographers like a campsite toilet block attracts Daddy Long Legs'. It means we're spoilt for coverage which is great.

These photos are from round 1, Leicester, and were taken by pro photographer Daniel Beres.

Above: Tim Greig #10; Pete Boast #54; Paul Baleta #40; Ade Collins #1.
 Les Wood
 Neil Martin #26; Andrew Collison #98
 Nick Ashley
Drogo Michie #27; Frank Chatokhine #5
Paul Baleta
 Lez Stevens
 Frank Chatokhine
Next round is a a week on Sunday, 18 May, Coventry. Spectators get in free. If you'd like to marshal it would be much appreciated. No experience necessary. Get there for 11. 
Racing from 12.
If you haven't entered to race you need to do it TODAY. 

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