Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Birmingham Small Arms

Two people sent us photos of the same bike, a Trackmaster BSA in the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, England.
Thanks to Jeremy Melling and Alastair McQ. Great minds... These are a mixture of both their photos.

Alastair says 'Please find attached photos I took of Dave Aldana's 1969 Trackmaster A65 (number 38, in the National Motorcycle Museum post fire) and Don Emde's 1971 Trackmaster A70 in the San Diego Museum.
Looking at Don's bike I see that contrary to what I recall him telling me and I wrote in my history document, it is fitted with the ARD mag' rather than a total loss battery which his 650s were.'

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trumpnut said...

hi guys , just finished a 1955 triumph thunderbird flat tracker(Gary Nixon tribute ) lookin killer if you want any photos let me know