Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Vertically Challenged

Not so much Go Fast Turn Left, just Go Fast Vertically. Maybe say a prayer before doing so and don't eat too much breakfast.
Anthony Brown is rallying troops for the VMCC Chalfont (England) hill climb. Down load this form...
Send the completed forms back to me at:

Anthony Brown

By the 7th April please, so I can send them on in one go.
If you didnt tick it when you applied you will need to get onto the ACU to make sure your licence covers grasstrack as well as short track. Its no extra cost. Entries will be £27 +£3 for club membership and £10 for a day licence if you dont have one.
As agreed before we will all run standard Flat Track / Supermotard tyres to save time and expense. Lets hope it doesnt rain.
Anyone who wants any info can call me 07834 971715

This 1949 flying Flathead shot is from the excellent iron wigwam archive. Is that a 'For Sale' sign tucked in the back there?! Maybe he just asked the owner if he could take it around the block.


Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

The hill is a lot, lot more gentle than this, for people who are interested. It's a day out. Team Skooter Farm are going en masse. GI

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

+ it's a 'run what you brung' and not just for specialized machines.

Mick P said...

That pic is just genius. I was entranced for ages.