Monday, 23 March 2009

Flat Track Fridays

From Short Track UK. Yippee!

We are proud to announce that we will be running 4 meetings on Friday evenings at the Norfolk Arena and they will be known as Flat Track Fridays. We will be running 4 classes with every rider getting 3 heat races and a Grand Final for the top finishers. Practice will start at 7pm and racing at 7.30pm. The other good news for race fans is that it is free of charge!
The idea behind Flat Track Fridays is to give riders more track time on what has been described as the English Ascot Park (a track in the US that produced some of the best Flattrackers in 70s & 80s ) and chance to try and get new fans to watch Shorttrack.
We will be running 4 classes for riders:-

National Pro Class – open to current and ex national number riders. Making a Grand Final at an STUK meeting during 2009 will also entitle you to ride in this class.
Restricted Shorttrack Class – for riders who have never held a national plate and do not make a grand final at a STUK meeting during 2009, riding Shorttrack or Thunderbike machines.
Thunderbike Class – open to riders with Thunderbike machines.
Open Quad Class – for quad bikes running to Shorttrack Quad rules.

Flat Track Fridays Dates
Friday 12th June
Friday 26th June
Friday 14th August
Friday 4th September

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love what you are doing....