Saturday, 28 March 2009

Sideburn in Baltimore

Shop Gentei is an ultra-hip fashion store, run by a dirt track fiend in Baltimore. Every couple of years they totally refurb the shop and this time they've made it garage themed with an XS650 in the middle.
Oh, and they stock Sideburn and those Max Schaaf Vans some of you liked. You can order them from their webshop.
Shop Gentei's owner, Oliver says...

'Our downtown Baltimore location has just received its bi-annual facelift with the all-new Motorpsycho theme. This time we’ve transformed 1010 Morton St. into a motorcycle garage, complete with a 1978 Yamaha serving as the centerpiece. We’ll be working on the bike in-shop all season long, so stop by often to see the progress.'

We've always had a soft-spot for Baltimore as it's the home to cult film director John Waters. And the Wire is based there. But, as we don't have fancy telly we're going to try catch it on BBC this coming week.

By the way, Oliver (this is his blog) has a tattoo of a crab riding a dirt tracker. That is just the best. Can anyone compete with that? GI

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Mick P said...

Well I sold the farm to take my woman where she used to be
We left our kin and all our friends back there in Tennessee
And I bought those one way tickets she had often begged me for
And they took us to the streets of Baltimore

Well her heart was filled with gladness when she saw those city lights
She said the prettiest place on earth was Baltimore at night
Well a man feels proud to give his woman what she's longing for
And I kinda liked the streets of Baltimore

When I got myself a factory job, I ran an old machine
And I bought a little cottage in a neighborhood serene
And every night when I'd come home with every muscle sore
She'd drag me through the streets of Baltimore

Well I did my best to bring her back to what she used to be
Then I soon learned she loved those bright lights more than she loved me
Now I'm a going back on that same train that brought me here before
While my baby walks the streets of Baltimore
While my baby walks the streets of Baltimore

Gram Parsons, from the album GP, 1973