Thursday, 26 March 2009

open plan

It's a good thing we've each got our own supplies of tea, milk, sugar, and biscuits. The Sideburn office is 1257 miles long, 994 miles wide on the east face, and 447 to the north. Earlier this century we sacked the courier pigeons that had some aerodynamic issues with the CDs, and employed a team of Polish courier rats that Mick Phillips headhunted from the Motorcycle News dispatch department. The printer would send over a small box in which the highly-trained white rats, would hastily reassamble the pages using metal type and wooden blocks. Then you'd write down the corrections on small bits of paper and pop it in little hollow cylinders that the rats had dangling round their necks. It was a marvellous way of working, but union action put paid to all that in the early 1990s. Now we're just getting to terms with the interweb and electronic mail.


Mick P said...

Some might be surprised at the strength of bond one can develop with a good courier rat, and the Poles were the best. The language barrier simply didn't matter. Trust and friendship go beyond such things and I'm still in touch with a couple of the old fellas to this day. Thanks for bringing back happy memories, Ben.

Diplomat said...

You want to watch that Eastern Front. It's getting very long and thin, tricky to defend. Why have you annexed the low countries in that rather aggresive move. Is there a resistence movement there that we need to know about.

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Thanks for pointing out the weakness in our defense on-line.
I write to you holed up in an attic, hiding from the nazis. This is already the second campaign front - now diminised, in a month.
By the end of the year my pin prick is probably going to get moved back over the water to the island, where we can better defend ourselves. However this does leave trooper Phillips out in the continental field to fend for himself.