Monday, 30 March 2009

It's a Maryland thing...

Regarding Oliver's tattoo, from a couple of post ago, Jim Gately (bro of Bill Gately who runs Bonneville Performance) says...

'It's a Maryland thing. Attached is the cover to the program for the 1979 1/2 mile at a Laurel MD. horse track. Also a picture of my 1969 Rickman Flattracker with a J&M swing arm. Mike [of, we presume, J&M who we also mentioned recently] is good people.'


DAN_DAN said...

I got some sweet shots of some rowdy flat trackers from the Indy Dealer show last month (FEB'09)
keep up the sweet blog.
I got some motorcycle related
screen prints in the works here at school, thought you guys might wanna trade some sweet gear for some prints.

click the link to view the photo set

Oliver said...

I was just talking to nick taylor (2n) yesterday about this same thing. he has been racing in this (maryland) area for over 30 years. I was saying that as a youngster growing up skating I had california envy. it's nice to Finally be into something that has a good history in my home town area. there are soo many young riders in this area that are REALLLLY good, and will move up and dominate the rankings in the coming years. can you believe there are 6 short tracks within 1 to 2 hours of here, and although the winters suck, we can enjoy racing from march-late october!
keep up the good work guys. im siked to see issue 3.