Sunday, 11 October 2009

Chris Carr Night!

Thanks to everyone who came whether it was from 10 minutes away or from as far away as Scarborough, the Isle of Man, London and Norwich. Thanks to Alastair McQ, Red Max Speed Shop, The Phantom Motorcycle Company, Flat Track Experience, Co-Built, Jason, Skooter Farm Racing (always), Paul Bryant, Mrs I, Pippa and Steve, Norman Coles, Short Track UK, Martin the commentator, Dave Arnold, everyone who bid in the auction and, of course, Chris Carr.
It was a super memorable night. Chris is already talking about a bigger one next year...

(and thanks to Tel for the photos).


Anonymous said...

one of the best bike do's in p,boro in living memory. mega!.
steve no28!

McQmoto said...

If anyone wants a copy of the DVD Chris auctioned on the night of his 2006 record run, it's called The World's Fastest Motorcycle and is available from (not but buy quick because it's out of production.