Friday, 2 October 2009

Rouser Works V Goodluck Photos X Dan Walsh

Another teaser from SB#4... Now when we started Sideburn, we did zer0 market research, but you don't need a PHD in media studies to know there are a thousand-and-one; or more, chopper magazines out there (and about a zillion-and-one; at the last count, chopper blogs) . Hence we made a strict No Choppers door policy for the magazine (they do sneak in through the kitchen of the SBlog very occasionally). But then along comes Gary Griffin - Mr Goodluck Photos, with this knobbly-clad H-D going sideways on concrete, and you cant argue with that - or Mr Rouser's tattoo gun, can you now?
Funnily enough at that same moment we are thinking 'Hmm Respeck' a certain Dan Walsh is dragging 'A Way Out' - the self-same bike, out of his nets after a night's internet trawling, and thinking 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?' So when we contacted him out of the blue, to write the story, the coincidence was complete. BP

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Skylar said...

I had the "corpus christi" photo up in the garage since It first hit the web. Tires look great on that thing.