Saturday, 24 October 2009

Fantic Motors

I knew next to nothing about Fantic before I went on the Ouroboros trip the other week. My new best amici, Alberto Narduzzi took me to Fantic's HQ. The current owner of Fantic, Federico Fregnan (the cool dude who look like Hunter S T in the montage) took me on a tour of the factory and his amazing collection of two-stroke trail and enduro bikes. Then I met Riccardo Chiosi, Fantic's designer (below with surfboard). On his office shelves were the first three copies of Sideburn. He had the Complete Book of Flat Track next to the computer he was designing Fantic's future bikes on.
I came away loving everything to do with Fantic. Sideburn might be even doing a special project with them. GI


Anders said...

Thought they had disappeared. I learned trial on a 50cc Fantic in the 80's. Cool looking bike.

Anonymous said...

turn the montage dial up to 10!!!
stevie 28

J.N. Heath said...

Do they still have the forward-turning kick start? I'm pretty sure the old ones did.

Rocket68 said...

Fantic Motor , moto che segnavano i sogni di noi ragazzi italiani negli anni 70/80 ;-)

Mick P said...

Rocket 68 says:
Fantic Motor, bikes that signified the dreams of us Italian lads in the 70s/80s.