Wednesday, 21 October 2009

SB Project FT Up-Date

Carl fended off two other eBay bidders to win this lovely Gilera tank for our FT project he is building. Adding some Italian finesse to our Japanese mongrel. Fingers crossed it fits without too much jiggery pokery. BP

It would have graced the likes of this mini mud plugger.


Angostura Bitters said...

that's not a bad tank at all! love the narrowing profile as it transitions to the seat junction. hope it fits. Can't speak for the Ascot frame backbone, but the near relatives in the XL/XR part of the family tree need a bit of elbow room towards the aft section of the tank to relieve the subframe branch. you can kinda see how this guy did it with a (beautiful) Aluminum CR Elsinore tank for his XR650L:

FlatTel said...

Great looking tank, but TBH you'll be very lucky to get that to fit.
I know from past experience that its a sod get different tanks on them (the 4 pretty tanks sat un-fitted in my garage is testament to that...)
Needs a large 'Y' shaped cut-out under tank (point of Y at front) and the main tunnel needed is quite wide too.
Even the Xl 250 one I ended up with on my Ft needed and hour of smacking onto a wooden former to 'spread' the tunnel enough to fit - and that already had the needed 'Y' under it..

Skylar said...

Tank fitting is difficult sometimes, I have 4 on the shelves as well.. If I won all the tanks I've bid on, I'd have 25 or 30.