Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Sideburn in Paris this weekend

Yes, the visas came through. Ben, Steve Red Max and I are coming to Paris with a van full of mags, merch and flat track parts. We'll be at the Fat Night in Paree on Saturday night. Come and see us. If anyone can accommodate three house-trained Englishmen on Friday night, let us know.
Also, if there are any bike-related places we should definitely check out, please post a comment. Merci bien! G


harreng said...

Jealous already!!

Stuka said...

tete de veau- Del reckons the French use this for "every ones a winner".

mark@mwa said...

I was there last weekend, always good - though pricey for us Brits with the exchange rate now.

I spent an hour trying to find 'Rocker Speed Shop' but my iPhone had died and I couldn't remember the street so was a bit gutted. There are loads of bike-related shops (even BHV the oldest department store in Paris has a bike kit shop!) and the kit they stock is definitely a notch above our bike shops from a style pov. They seem to love their Bonnevilles in Paris too.

On a non-bike related tip, but looking at what else you're into, the flea markets are mad and the first few rooms of the Soulages exhibition at the Pompidou blew me away. Amazing stuff.