Monday, 12 October 2009

Like A Virgin

CC school part II. After a lunch of Twiglets, custard creams, mini scotch eggs, Shipham's paste sadwiches (neatly cut into small triangles) - washed down with some muddy tea, it's out on to the oval on a proper bike, a 400cc CCM FT35. I wasn't the only novice as Carl (who is building the SB project FT) had never ridden flat track either, so we made a pact not to laugh at each other. But he forgot to tell me that he was a beach racing champion. I was prepared to make a total tit of myself, but proudly only crashed once, and earned the not so honoury title Corpral Lowside. It was a brilliant day. BP

PS Book yourself onto the FT Experience and ride CCM flat trackers. Chris won't be there, but the newly crowned UK Short Track and Thunderbike champion, Peter Boast and his crew will give you pointers. GI


Chris said...

I saw the ad for the FT Experience in the latest issue... very tempted.

You can promise me that this won't become an obsession that takes over all my spare time and empties my bank account right?

Sideburn Magazine said...

when crack cocaine was invented and they were still developing the dependence mollecules, they used those found in novice flat track training, as the foundation. Also the buzz received from producing ones first 3cm high rooster tale, powersliding out of turn one, was used as the benchmark high.
Good news is that the car stereo nicking inclination, that comes with a crack habit, is not found amongst
flat track riders.