Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Death Spray Custom's latest work

From Death Spray Custom

'Here's a new DSC piece, hopefully it's the first chair ever posted on Sideburn's blog. (It's a vintage Eames Plastic Side Chair for all the chair nerds out there)
Also attached is an exciting action shot, where a mug of tea, a delicious mille feuilie and SB 4 is being enjoyed.'

See the Death Spray Custom Boner Brigade XS650 in Sideburn 4


monkeyfumi said...

I'm a chair nerd. Love it.

KrookStreetRacing said...

I'm a huge chair nerd too. Nice. Sitting in my trusty Eames Soft Pad writing this BTW.

Death Spray: If you're reading this, I feel really bad that I haven't sent you my "tins" yet... This build of mine is taking FAR longer than anticipated. But they WILL arrive at your doorstep before Christmas. If you're still willing to paint them of course...?


special'79 said...

Mmm, mid century design is my favorite.