Thursday, 22 October 2009

Billy Hamill's Joker Machine Land Speeder

This is a follow-up on the Jawa Land Speeder we told you about back in August.

My name is Geoff Arnold; I am with Joker Machine in the United States.
We manufacture over 600 parts for motorcycles; some of them are for dirt track and speedway racing. I am impressed with the quality of your magazine and have been checking it out with great interest, good job. I just wanted to send you a couple of photos of a bike we built using a long track speedway bike. We took it to Bonneville with our buddy Billy Hamill who is: 2006 Speedway World Champion and former Cradley Heath Speedway great. Billy also rode for Coventry and The Wolverhampton Wolves over his 17 years in England. At Bonneville we were able to go 144.2 mph, which was pretty good but not good enough as the record is 145.2 mph. Talk about being gutted.
Anyway.please contact me if you would like anymore information.
Thank You,
Geoff Arnold

Joker Machine's sponsored speedway rider, Ricky Wells


Anonymous said...

lovely pipe, bet it sounds loads better than the crappy ol king ones they have to use here. lovely!
stevie 28

BLip said...

YZ400BEN said...

Got to say-this kinda tenuous but pertinent post is exactly why I love sideblog. And Mick P-that caran d'ache for me. Some one let Troy know that thousands of us drop in on chicomoto-don't give it up T. Thanks to you all!