Friday, 23 October 2009


Over at my Mum's house the other day, in my old bedroom, everything has been left as it was. Not in a spooky shrine-like way, it's just that she never throws anything away. All the household appliances are at least twenty years old. Anyway having a rummage through my stuff I found some Caran d'Ache aquarelle crayons. No computer can replicate that feel. BP


t said...

Fell on one of those when I was 7. Still
Have the lead in my knee.

Mick P said...

t - does your knee still d'ache occasionally? Maybe in cold weather, or when close up to cartridge paper?

I'll get me coat.

Sideburn Magazine said...

could be handy if you want to do graffiti in sensitive areas - but you'll need to be wearing shorts.