Friday, 23 October 2009

Co-Built to last

This is Anthony of Co-Built, good friends of Sideburn. He was flying at Rye House, qualified on the front row for the Thunderbike final, got a flier when the tapes went up. Then he lost the back and found Wayne Drake and his XS650. Obviously the race was red flagged. I saw Anthony had gone down, but didn't see all this. I rode around the lap after and Anthony was already up, pushing his bike to the middle. He looked alright. The bike looked alright. I didn't know why he sat out the race. I do now.
Co-Built frames - built to last. There will be at least three Co-Builts racing next year. Go on, get yourself one.
Photos: Ian Bush

1 comment:

Paul said...

Man, Flat trackin' is dangerous!

Glad you're alright dood... and the bike's ok. Wicked sequence of pics too!
Been toying with the Co-Built framer idea since June... hmmmm....