Friday, 22 January 2010

Alberto's race bike - finito

Cut off the the sport's mother country European flat trackers have to mutate to survive. It's hard to get hold of used race bikes, so they make their own.
Alberto Narduzzi built a framer from scratch to compete in Europe. We showed the work in progress earlier this month. These photos, again by Raf of Street Tracker blogspot, were taken at the recent Verona Show. Alberto sold a couple of bikes off the back of it. That's his black speedway bike in the background too. Not bad for a professional photographer, eh?
Pay special attention to the big headstock tube (for adjustability?) and the clear side numbers boards. Bravo, Alberto.
Surely there's going to be some short track back in Italy. GI


t said...

Nice. The exhaust can looks mean,
like a jet engine. Wonder how it sounds? Photographers building bikes doesn't seem to be such a rare thing.

Captain Highside said...

Very Very nice bike. Before Alberto goes through the fence at turn one it may be wise to connect up that back brake though.

bubble visor said...

that bie def needs to be in a sideburn magazine!
love the rear frame

stevie coles said...

what a fab bike the endcan is the mothership!!.
nicely different paintjob too.
cant wait to see it on the track!.