Monday, 11 January 2010

Dead Wood

Rubbish as an enduro bike, but this thing has outlasted all my relationships - threatening one of them to be cut short on several occasions (including a punch on the nose from the prospective French father-in-law). 20 rocky years. Once upon a time its chrome was shiny. In 1997 it was my daily commuter in Amsterdam for a year, after several vertebra got hammered together I junked the banana seat and made this sprung saddle by cut'n'shutting a Shovelhead seat, Dutch bicycle saddle springs, and then re-covered in a reversed leather jacket with the suede side out. Never realizing that the rainbow had been appropriated by the gay community, one day I went into a youth hostel that was hanging a rainbow flag outside. I innocently thought 'oh if they are rainbow fans, maybe I can get some rainbow stickers to go with the rainbow pinstripe I already have painted on the tank'. Inside there were a few more clues. La dee dar. I actually enjoy the prehistoric handling (not from other men). And the bumble bees up my trouser legs and sleeves riding position. Don't really know why I signed the 'till death us do part' section of the log book.
Gary and I have been discussing starting up an run what you brung 'Outlaw Class' for chops and bobbers, as part of the UK Short Track series - Any takers? BP

(here you go TC) UPDATE
- but it was good for demolition jobs


Angostura Bitters said...

ahahahahah! i suppose we all figure out the rainbow flag one way or another. If you get a "run what you brung" event going, you BETTER take a shitload of pictures because THAT would be the way to go.

I was lucky enough to get a narrated introduction to rainbow flags by my pal Sonja (friends since 3rd grade Elementary school), a dyke who gave me a place to stay in San Francisco when I moved out to the Bay area back in 1999. She had 2 girlfriends living in the same flat in Bernal Heights at the time (it was complex). But at least when I got a tour, my observations of the flags in the Castro were very gently explained as only Sonja et. al. could do...

Hey how long are you all in southern CA? Sarah and i would be happy to host you all if you needed a couch surf up in Oakland. We'd treat you to lane splitter's Pizza for some Racer 5 IPA and a chance to look at their old moto regalia on permanent display above the door as you walk in: an old honda cb 125, a bmw r65/75 boxer and some old sporty ducati; i think it's a 500.

hell, i'd let you all take my Honda for a spin if you wanted!!! :p

t said...


What about the time you took the front of your house out with that bike..

sl4sh said...

that bike is so bad-ass it hurts!!

keep it!

also, the "run what you brung" class would be awesome! you get my vote on that ;)

Diplomate said...

suffering, as i do, from lack of funds to build a ft racer, the bwyb plan sounds ace - are there enough StJ's ambulances in the country to cope with the carnage ?Speed differential would be one of the greatest problems, i reckon my cb200 special makes about 15 hp and i weigh around 16 stone - would that constitute too great a hazard ?

stevie coles said...

chopper mayhem, lovely!!!.
if ur gonna race it then a spiky fuel cap, and giant sissy bar will rock!!.

Sideburn Magazine said...

maybe we could also have Mad Max themed class?
Mohawks and lethal medieval weaponry obligatory?
Maybe a stray oil tanker carving up the circuit too?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Nice Beatle boots and fingerless glove combo. G


How did the house demolition go down dude ?
Were you trying to park it in the hall , or just get up the stairs ?

Can we have a Mods n Rockers race too ? (although i'm betting the scooters may win it )

Steve .

Sideburn Magazine said...

what the hell, lets get Eddie Wearing to do the commentary & have a proper 'It's A Knockout' tournament. Wet sponges, custard pies, & jousting on greased poles.

Outtacontrolla you are living up to your name, next you'll be requesting Panto Short Track with obligatory donkey suits & milk maids.


Dai said...

Tracker Polo