Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Lewis Leathers store

Seen on the Mode By Rockers blog (that I'm pretty sure is Hiroyuki, Lewis's pattern cutter's blog). I want to call by next time I'm in London.

Lewis Leathers Ltd
3-5 Whitfield Street,

They're making these good-looking Eric Morecambe-style Lewis Leather Effector glasses too, that I saw on Mark's Eley Kishimoto blog.


B. said...

I'll be checking that out soon. I had a lush pair of japanese lewis leathers jeans and took them in to be tapered slightly in the leg. Came back and the tailor had cut all the selvedge off and overlocked the result. He was pretty pleased with the job, my GF still finds it amusing and I still can't laugh about it.
That's an aside, what i really wanted to say was that any blog that checks custom bikes, eley kishimoto and Milton Glaser gets my seal of approval. Unfortunately my seal of approval is worth fuc all but it's sometimes good to know you're appreciated so i thought i'd let you know.


Sideburn Magazine said...

Thanks B. Your seal of approval means a lot to us. But this blog is only here to help sell Sideburn. So go buy some magazines, please. G

B. said...

I've got em all - except 1 as it sold out - boo. And have already paid you for the next issue. Keep up the good work and i'll keep paying up.