Saturday, 13 February 2010

Lucky number 7

We were pretty pleased to get this email from Sammy Halbert yesterday morning, but we had to keep it quiet a little while

I just saw your blog post and the article, looks pretty cool. Is there any way I could get one of those?

Also some exciting news, Mike Kidd {AMA race director] just informed me today that they are going to let me run a single digit number next year for winning the overall grand national championship since they are now going back to awarding the overall (singles and twins) champion with the number one plate. I am supposed to keep it quite until the official press release comes out so when I get that I will forward it your way... I am gonna run the lucky #7.

Thanks, Sam

Ace photographer Tim White (who supplied the cover shot for Sideburn #3 and for the upcoming Sideburn #5) told us that the singles and twins are being reunited for one overall Grand National Champion for 2010. If they'd have done it before last season Sammy would've been number 1 this year. He heard it at the excellent Rider Files. That's also been confirmed. All sounds good to us. GI

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Calkins said...

Finally! Flattrack is back to the way it should be!