Thursday, 25 February 2010


Laid-up in bed for three days fighting some schweine hund related flu, I'm only just back in the driving seat to chase up the loose ends of SB#5. Got this email from Gary who was road testing for Triumph in Greece but is battling air strikes (airport ones, not bombing attacks). Believe me you, we're as keen as you to have the thing in our gawd damn hand. BP

Thanks to the wonders of old-fashioned trades unions I'm stuck in Greece for an extra day. General Strikes are back in vogue. Then I have to fly back via Frankfurt, get a bus from Heathrow to Gatwick (where the LDV is parked) and drive home. 26 hours later than planned.
But, thanks to the wonders of modern tech I'm not using my time to wander around looking at the Acropolis or any of that old shit, I'm perched in a Triumph dealer checking emails and SB#5 layouts
. GI

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Nick said...

Gary, I'm impressed, and love the shot of the Alvis, always wanted one when I was slightly more youthful, with a Hiab on, O how sad