Friday, 26 February 2010

Mablethorpe this Sunday

Racing from 11-ish to 3-ish. Sideburn's GI debuts on the sand on a CBR600.
Remember, if you want Sideburn mags or merch, let me know so I can bring it and not charge postage. A nice Dick Mann hooded sweat will keep you warm on that beach. It's going to be Baltic.
Special Mablethorpe prices - Hoodies £25. T-shirts £15. We have just two Indian girl hooded sweats (grey L, red XXL) and a few long-sleeves in M, L, XL, and XXL, red and grey. Long-sleeves are £18 ON THE DAY.
Shale Britannia books, £15...

All this merchandise available mail order too. See the Sideburn Shop for prices that include post and packing.

Read Rupert Paul's feature on Mablethorpe in Sideburn 3. GI


#15 said...

who's #6? Wasn't he shortracking before?

Austin said...

that's tony, he tried short track a couple of times but preferred the sand

Team Benzina said...

Good luck and hope the weather holds - Mablethorpe looks fun, but it's no Daytona beach. Not in Febuary, anyway