Friday, 19 February 2010

Sideburn at Mablethorpe

So, it's on, I'm making my Mablethorpe sand race debut on Sunday Feb 28th. I'm competing on a CBR600 kindly loaned by Tom. I already get the feeling some sand racers want to show the nancy boy summer short tracker what a real man's sport is.
And yes, a Honda CBR600. Like Thatcher, it's not for turning. Not on sand anyway.

Bring me tea, sympathy, directions to the local A&E.
Anyone wanting Sideburn merchandise should get in touch before and pay reduced (no post and packing) rates.
See you there? G


Rupert Paul said...

Grief, that looks cold. But it dulls the pain, apparently. I think we need to come and support you.

Mick P said...

Rupe, very unlike you to mis-type. Allow me to correct your error: "I think we need to come with a support for you."

trent reker said...

for a second i thought it said "sideburn at mapplethorpe" and i was scared to scroll down to see the photos.

Austin said...

hmmmm, tom's cbr in the unlimited danger class, yr a brave man G! think i'd better make the effort to get to this one