Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Deeds not words

Stevie Gee will be in Bali right now! Before he left he sent us this...

Hey Mister Inman,
I was just mailing Carby at DEUS about you. I just designed a poster for my show in Bali. The guy I drew surfing the bike was inspired (heavily referenced in fact) by a shot Carby sent me of you surfing a bike. You look like a complete wildman! Its a great shot... you'll recognise what I mean when you check the poster.
See you at Rollerburn in November, I'm gonna do some art for it.
Bestest, Stevie

PS Carby told me to tell you yours was the wobbliest looking of all the examples he sent me :-) It looks like you were going bloody fast to me. Careful man, your'e a Dad!


parsix said...

Indian larry R I P

Captain Highside said...

'Nice to see a good soul arch on da Blog!

Mick P said...

But that's just the way Gary stands normally. Gets right awkward at the bar, though urinals are a delight.

capnsimo said...