Saturday, 8 October 2011

Zombies and the Charge of the Light Brigade

We've sold out of small and medium Zombie sweatshirts and have a few large and XL left. It was designed by Maxwell at Corpses from Hell and is modelled here by Norm at Motorcycho. Get yours at the Sideburn shop.
The sweatshirt we print on has Raglan sleeves. They're named after Lord Raglan (below), the British Lord who was so murderously stubborn he wouldn't talk to a fellow commanding officer during the Crimean War and helped send the Light Brigade charging to towards a battery of Russian cannon - the infamous charge of the Light Brigade.
The dispute, with Lord Cardigan, was all over a woman if I remember correctly. Anyway, Raglan lost his arm and his tailor designed a new sleeve construction to help the Lord get dressed more easily.
Final bit of the history lesson, the Light Brigade - so named because they were cavalry mounted on faster, lighter charger horses, unlike the Heavy Brigade mounted on huge shire horse haulers - are now the Queen's Royal Lancers. Both the Light Brigade and QRL wear the 'Or Glory' badge (bottom). G

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Nick said...

Love the badge, it was on my want list, when I was collecting militaria