Monday, 17 October 2011

New Scarf, Youth T-shirt, Patch, stickers

Made in England: Sideburn scarf, Davida Rollerburn lid (special order), Barbour International.

After last year's tentative foray into knitwear, we've made another Sideburn scarf. This one has Sideburn in the Rollerball font on one side and 'Go Fast, Turn Left' in Japanese on the other. It's £15 plus postage.
T-shirt for the yoof! The Sideburn Reilly Youth T-shirt featuring a Chris Watson three-colour design and hand lettering, screen-printed in England on a Gildan all cotton shirt. Check your sizes. This is a youth T-shirt, not for the smallest tiddlers (but they'll grow into it). If you need to change sizes we have to charge for posting the replacement. £13 plus postage.
XS on an eight-year-old.
Not made by us, but our mate Patrick - Go For Broke patches commemorate every fracture of your motorcycling life.
Also, Adi 99 Seconds mutated his Rollerburn poster into a sticker. They are free with every order from now till they run out.
Finally, we now have the laser-cut logo stickers in black and white, as well as lime green and red.


Anthony Brown said...

Looking good max

dave skooter farm said...

Save me a scarf!!

mp said...

I want a scarf! Ere I would have to sew one of those bone patches to my nose! ha ha

KrookStreetRacing said...

4 times I've broken my nose! Not every time on bikes (or in brawls) mind you. The last time my five year old son did it:o)

The kids T-shirts are a great idea. Will get my orders in soon.

Nicola Rowlands said...

If we had a miniature Murdoch, I would totally be purchasing one of these. they are awesome!

Sideburn Magazine said...

Nicola, plan ahead! Buy one for the bottom drawer (do people still do that?).