Thursday, 27 October 2011

RSD Desmo Tracker Finished

Cycle World's Mark Cernicky, a hell of flat track racer and a demon road test rider, sent us an email pointing us to this: the finished Roland Sands Designs Desmo Tracker. If you don't know, one of Roland's customers commissioned him to take the MotoGP rep (that was £38,000 in the UK) and make a street tracker out of it. I don't think it's anywhere near RSD's prettiest bike, but it's audacious, totally iconaclastic, brilliant and punk rock. People got their knickers in a twist about cutting up the bike, but there are plenty of standard Desmos in the world. What's their problem? G
See more at Cycle and read about it in the mag.

NOTE: Roland Sands has appeared in Sideburn twice: in SB5 with the Smoking Seagulls and in SB7 when he came to England to race a Harley XR1200


Bubble Visor said...

best bike of 2011?
great paint job

Chris said...

sounds awesome

Anonymous said...

very nice, a traffic light gp between that, and the roberts boardtracker would be mega!!.
maybe they could be the drag bikes for rollerburn part II!?.

bobx said...

another kick ass bike from rsd.

Guy@GK said...

I feel no affinity with the world RS inhabits, but I like everything he puts his hand to. I'd love that in me garage.

Trawler said...

Mark Cernicky is the same guy who was pro skater on Vision and in the video Barge at Will in the late 80's.
Small world

Cernicky said...

Trawler that's the same me COD, life after death. Thanks for remebering me, cool to know there are others out there.