Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Is that why it's called Dirt Track?

Had great fun at the last race of the season on Sunday. The track owner cancelled the race, but Short Track UK's Peter Boast put him right. We had to wait a long time for the medical cover to arrive (the track owner cancelled that too), but when we got going the racing was good and close, despite less than ideal conditions.
I always seem to do alright at Scunthorpe. I made the back row of the Thunderbike final and came seventh, but felt really comfortable on the bike. Sideburn's Ben came second overall for the season in the Novice class!
Next year's going to be close, exciting, inclusive, with the juniors and novices running at all rounds and the short track class being split into National numbers and Restricted 'R' plate riders. It should mean closer racing in both classes.
Short Track UK have loads going on including TV coverage on UK satellite channel Motors TV starting next month and a winter indoor series (more details on both soon). Thanks to all the racers, timekeepers, marshals, start line and pit crew and, especially, Pete and Jackie for making the UK series such a friendly and well-run series. G
playing rugby in mud is one thing, playing motorbikes in mud is something else. I didnt enjoy Scunny until it dried out some in the late afternoon. Poncing my way through the Novice heats just trying to stay on-board. Less ginger, Stuart Lovell, Steve Lane, and Jason Ramsden in a league of their own up ahead as usual, with wild card MX'r Mike Ingram winning every race. Plus illegal immigrant Jason along to liven things up further. Drogo held his own while our arch rival Jamie The Bastard went into melt-down.The rotational tyre skid marks on my numberboard here are where 17 stone of Billy Bull #66 + Yamaha, made an uninvited attempt to mount my inside leg in the final. But I wasn't going down from a little argy bargy, even if I was to leave similar skid marks in my undies. The race was red-flagged for an unrelated crash so we didn't have it out over the chequered flag which was a shame.
I'd like to ditto Gary's thanks above and add a special Thank You to all 14 valiant Novices this season (although we only ever managed a record grid of 10 at Scunny, it was usually around 7), we had some hairy battles but no broken bones. And Thanks to all those who gave me tuition - especially Anthony Co-Built (not that much of it has been implemented yet). BP


Anthony Brown said...

That puddle was a good tool for the more experienced grass track / /speedway guys. I was chatting with Ade / Les and Andy Riley. They were all agreed that the way to make the first turn was to kick that puddle thus making it hard to see for those behind. Andy Riley did it so well in one race it stuck my roll off to the lense and broke my googles. Clever eh!

Anonymous said...

turn one felt more like a steeplechase event!.
mega day in the dirt thou, well done to pete for keeping it on.
and jackie and the track staff for another great season!!!.

Dr-Ogo said...

Yep, I went throughout the heats thinking I was an extra in a comedy landslide evacuation drama but feel in love with the dry track in the final and had ( for me) a stormer to end the season...
I've had the best time in a long time and like B, huge thanks to
Anthony B
Dave Arnold
Steve Redmax
& Sideburn,where it all started for me...

Snivli said...

wow thats so cool!

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