Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I love magazines

After months of putting it off I decided to tidy up my shed/office on Monday. I'm still not finished and it doesn't take long for it to become a mess again, but it's good to get at least some magazines in order (especially as I refer back to magazines a lot) and send the chaff to the recycler.
One fireproof drawer is full of Dice. They're up to 40 issues! Amazing achievement. Inspirational mag. I have the full set. Oh yes.
While I was at the Stafford Show at the weekend I bought some copies of Street Bikers from the Magazine Man. They cost an arm and a leg, but I love them. While I was flicking through the latest I saw a page on the Japanese flat track club Field Day- who we have a great feature on in Sideburn 9 (coming soon-ish). I looked closer, next to the photo of the bizarre pre-race dance ritual and noticed they were flying the Sideburn flag!
A final bit of magazine news, one of Britain's major publishers, Bauer (German lot who took over EMAP) are supporting the biking charity Riders for Health - co-founded by Randy Mamola. Every subscription Bauer get (on a number of mags including Bike, PB, Classic Bike, Practical Sportsbike, MCN, Q, Empire...) they're giving 'up to £10' to charity. If you don't know, Riders for Health supply bikes and expertise to African doctors to allow them to ride to and treat isolated villages. Well done big business!
Go here to find out more. G


Bubble Visor said...

OK, I've got new holiday plans..
here I come!

Nick said...

Bit of weight on them there shelves

motorcycho said...

I just traded a bunch of MC mags for and 8 pack of Lucky beer!!!!

Father Ted said...

Snap on the mags. Got my own addiction going on with DicE etc. The magazine man is my dealer too! Just been going through my old Custom Burning copies he sourced for me from Japan when I had my old SR500.
By the way, love the new scarf, arrived next day, cheers.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Father Ted please send in your own Kamikaze self-portrait with scarf that we can post on the SBlog.