Saturday, 1 October 2011

Please help Icon with a tire

Our good friends the bike clothing company and bike builders, Icon in Portland need a 19in dirt track tyre for a project bike - Maxxis or Goodyear. They're trying to buy one, but are struggling to find one this late in the season. Any dealers got one? Any racers got a part-worn? They're a good company to help out. I'd like to be owed a favour by Icon, if you know what I mean.
Email Justin at

Here are some previous Icon Bikes


Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Yes, please help Justin and the ICON guys out! They make great helmet, gears and cool project bikes.

I would check with Mefo Sport in Germany as I bought my tyres from them at a good price.

Maybe not ideal to ship from Germany to US but they have Maxxis (that is the cooler pattern)


Garrett302 said...

Already sent this to the Icon guys, but US Flat Trackers should contact Davey Durelle at

Not sure if he still has Maxxis in stock, but he has tons of Goodyear DT tires.