Sunday, 29 April 2012

Alley Sweeper 2012

From Danker in Portland, Oregon.

Well, you missed it and it was a good'un! Two solid weeks of rain and then the sun shone down on glorious muddy tracks. I've finally found the right right machine for the Urban Enduro. After riding smaller and smaller machines I've settled on a 1967 Honda Trail90. It has just the right amount of power and dirt cred for riding through unsuspecting people's back yards and riverside hobo encampments. Here's a vid  

It sounds like Dirt Quake is shaping up to be super sweet. We wish you guys the best of luck! Cheers, Danker, Sang-Froid Riding Club 


Nick said...

O what fun!! and the sun was shining, nice

Anthony Brown said...

Just amazing

Squirrel Murphy said...

I rode this with 200 other maniacs. What a day! A total blast. Sang-froid had a wonderful idea and has RUN with it.