Saturday, 7 April 2012

Short Track UK at Leicester Mega Post

Hanging out. Max, Drogo and Jason with my and Dave's bikes.
Last Sunday I left home at 8am, my lad, Max, sat next to me in the van, heading to Leicester. We were driving to the newest speedway oval in Britain, on a beautiful sunny morning. We returned home at 11.15pm, after a great day's racing.
For this year, Short Track UK (STUK) have changed things around. Instead of having the Club racing on one day and the GNC classes at another separate meeting, the Club championship runs during the day, the GNC from 7 in the evening. Lots of guys can, and do, race at both meetings, so it makes for a long day, but fun. STUK run on a shoestring, so they have to keep trying new methods of making it affordable to run the series.
I made the A Final in all the classes I was competing in and came sixth in the GNC Thunderbikes class, so I was well-pleased. Last year I kept missing out on the final. GI
Paul B's race hauler.
Jason's Racefit C&J Rotax. Beautiful bike.
Ex-Jacapo Monti Husky raced in the Novice class.
This bike turned up for the first time. I think it's Yam XT-based.
Neat SR500s. The yellow one flew with Neil Martin on board.
Hanging out 2. Dave Skooter Farm; me (in my favourite Motorcycho shirt); Wilky.
Adam Allott and Glyn Pocklington looked great on the Aprilia twins with their new Furygan leathers. The bikes need a bit more development, but sound great.
Sideburn 10 cover star Tim Neave was riding like a demon. He came third in the GNC, won both GNC and Club Thunderbike classes and the National Pro in the Club class.
Co-Built's Geoff came third in the Club Class Thunderbike.
Trophy hunters wear FTWCo.
Stu Avery debuted his XR in his... leathers.
Stu Lovell on his Suzuki-powered CCM.
Oli Brindley - this kid is so fast.
Vittorio Marzotto was one of two Italian riders who made the long trip. The other was Fabrizio Vesprini, who was challenging for the lead in GNC and Thunderbike classes on his Fasciani framers. This is the Vertematti-powered Thunderbike...

The TM-powered GNC framer (framers are legal in the UK GNC class. They're not allowed in the US GNC).
I love this photo of the pro singles class, taken by Anthony at DBA. Do you think they're trying hard?
The Skooter Farm evening team, dusty and creaky from a full day's racing already. Skooter Farm's Jason just raced the day Club meet.
Stu Lovell at Sunset.
Hanging it out. The GNC Class racing was the best I'd ever seen. Dirt Quake is going to have all the top UK racers competing because it's part of the GNC and Club championship. Plus all the nutcases in the special Sideburn classes.
Ade Collins, Tom Wooley, Tim and Tom Neave, Pete Boast, Darren Trapmore are all names to watch on the night, but there are a bunch of guys like Brindley Sr, Alan Birtwhistle and Richard Mason who can go for the podiums on the night. It's incredible racing.
Mr and soon to be Mrs Rocket (Mr Rocket is from the Hip Priests, who played Rollerburn) came to spectate.
Austin's Man Wolfs. All this for some shoes!?
Wilky sporting his Get Thee Behind Me Sideburn zip sweat.
Next race is King's Lynn, April 21, then Dirt Quake, May 19.
Entries for the Sideburn classes are going out today - entries are just £15 for three 4-lap heats on one of the best tracks in the UK. There are still a few places. Email us or leave a comment if you want to be involved.


Dr-Ogo said...

I love my motorcycle, I love motorcycle racing....

Anonymous said...

great day out, best ive seen you ride for a while g.
jason too, till he pulled the plug on his race win!!.

Nick said...

Was that Leicester Ohio?

DAN_DAN said...

looks like you guys are rocking into the 2012!
great bikes!